My Story Choose Your Own Path Best Story Guide

my story choose your own path best story guide

My Story is an advance way to read Story and plays the game as well. It is a modern type of game where players can choose stories they love from thousands of stories.

Nanobit is the one who made the game, and now they are the ones who have gained all the popularity with the game.

There is thousands of same concept game available in Playstore and Appstore, but none of those provide the same experience that My Story provides.

There are so many fantastic stories are available, and every Story has something interesting. Unlike the older times, now players can choose every Story for free, and many of them are interesting novels that are hard to find.

Not just love Story or romantic, and there are a crime, action, and many more stories available in it. To know more about the game you can read below –

Choose the best Story

This particular game is all about stories and situations of life, and now it depends on players how they play it by providing their best option.

As I mentioned above, there are thousands of stories that are available, but it is a fact that every Story is different from other stories. Gamers who have played the game before, they can easily understand the stories.

As per their understanding, they can choose the right answer.

But for the beginner, it is quite hard, but it is not a problem for them because, at the beginning of the game, they will be given a story to understand the game. Now it depends on the players what kind of stories they choose to play between categories.

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Types of stories

As you can understand that the game is all about stories, and you can choose your favorite Story from many categories.

There are so many types of stories are available in-game, and it is obvious to see a bunch of new stories, and every Story has a different purpose. Some of the popular stories are written below –

  • Romantic
  • Businessman
  • Crime
  • Love
  • Employee
  • Adventure

All these are some important categories of stories, and the majority of stories are available from these. Most of the stories are based on crime and romantic tops and users mostly love this side of the game.

Gain the trust

While playing the game, it is important to gain the trust of your partner because without trust, and there is nothing.

So it is also a major thing in the game to gain the trust of a partner. It does not matter what kind of Story you are playing, and in every Story, you will find a partner that will always be ready to be helpful and supportive, so for them, you have to be trustworthy.

Moreover, as far as currencies in the game is concerned, there are several legit ways available to get em on. Check out how to hack my story choose your own path game legally to earn free diamonds or gems in the game faster.

A perfect ending

After giving every answer and gaining the trust of every character of Story, now, it is a good thing to end the Story in the right way, which is a happy ending. Every Story should be ended happily.

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