Hotel Empire Tycoon Currency Guide


One of the top leading games is The Hotel Empire Tycoon, and the game is based on a Simulator theme. Millions of players are connecting it, and it is specially designed for android &  iOS devices by Codigames.

The user is playing a manager role in it and does many kinds of tasks for improving the rating of the hotel. The game is full of amazing levels, and each decision is for upgrading things.

The player has the power to add multiple things like room, space, items, and many more. You will manage all things for leveling up, and by increasing the profits you can also make new hotels for growing the business.

Interested players can take the game by the Android store or official game website. It is free for everyone, but for some extra thing, you must pay for some money.

The game comes with many elements, but the currency is the most important for every user. Before going to play, we need to know about it.

Getting victory is not as simple as we think, and the players have to go through some unpleasant conditions. A high amount of currency is always increasing our confidence level, and we can easily grow in the game.

Know About the Ultimate Currencies of the Game:

Along with some resources, currency is also essential for growth. Two main currencies are used in the game, and both are listed in this article

  • Cash
  • Gems


The cash is a primary currency for us, and it is used for buying some new things for improvements. Every player should manage a high amount of it.

The cash is earned by guests, and for each room, the game gives some rate list. Several luxury rooms are also in the hotel, and the charges of them are more than ordinary rooms. The players also make a handsome amount of cash by participating in challenging tasks.

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Gems are also necessary for customizing many items, and we can manage many things with the help of it. The rating of the hotel is effective for inviting more guests, and a number of guests give us a lot of money.

A good amount of gems is making the gameplay easy, and the players can add multiple things. Enhance the rating to unlock some VIP rooms. The users should not skip some new updates for opening new services.

Anyone can become a rich manager by achievements, and it is not a one day task. The players have to focus on the basic gameplay and learn enormous ways of earning.

We have to active in some promotional activities, and it is an amazing way to earn currency. Calculate all of your expenses and think about which one is important or not.

The manager has to work on significant facilities and removes others. Each of the players wants to lead on the game, but several common mistakes are hindering you to reach on a higher level.

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