Dragon City Game Currency Guide For Beginners

dragon city currency guide

It is the gaming formula of Dragon City game that add to the dynamic components of it and also at the same time helps the beginners to go ahead with the game ensuring a proper flow.

  • This is because it will provide you with a wider and varied set of meaningful choices.
  • You will also get more satisfactory feedback.

This is where this game is different from other farm games which cannot provide these due to their aged and reiterative schemes. The game also involves social interactions, monetization and retention which you can easily do by following some simple tips and tricks.


This game, in parts, uses the farm prototype that you may have seen in traditional games such as Farmville of your grandfather’s genre. However, there are a few notable changes in the gameplay turnarounds. This is what makes this game:

  • More interesting
  • More flexible and
  • More adaptive.

In short, you will have a better gaming experience.

The farming part of this game comprises of a three-way resource that comes with a time constraint as well as need for a hard currency called Gems. All players are provided with a blank island for creating different buildings and dragons to proceed.

The Process

When you create the buildings, you will be able to generate gold. You can use this currency in the gameplay to buy:

  • New buildings
  • Dragons or eggs and

Remember, the larger number of dragons you hold inside your different habitats, the more gold you will be able to generate.

However, these habitats will gradually and eventually run out of their holding capacity. This means that you will need to upgrade the existing ones or purchasing new ones on a regular basis as you proceed with the game. If you are in short of gems then you can also use dragon city gem generator in legal ways.


There are different types of habitats in the Dragon City game and each of these are suited for diverse types of dragons depending on the elements. Once a dragon hatches, you will need to place it in a suitable habitat.

However, if you find that the dragon has more than one element, you can place it in any of the two habitats related to the two elements.

You will need help from your friends to access Ice and Metal habitats. However, if you do not have any friends, you can open these habitats using gems earned from the game.

Currency and Source

Gold is one currency that you can collect by:

  • By selling dragon eggs
  • By selling dragons
  • By selling other items
  • From dragon habitats
  • By winning tournaments and bonuses and
  • By participating in daily rewards.

Gems are another currency that you can use to buy rare dragons. You can earn them by:

  • Joining PVP combat fights
  • Winning combat tournaments held every 6 hours or
  • Taking part in daily and Monday bonuses.

You can also win free gems if you complete different surveys. It is this currency flow of the game that you should focus on as a beginner to ensure a better gameplay and success in your battles.

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