Covet Fashion Gameplay Guide to Explore All New Features

covet fashion gameplay guide

Represent your way of style and show the world how fashionable you are. The game Covet Fashion is all about fashion things, and there are so many things that gamers can perform in the game.

Currently, the craze for Fashion is getting creased, and Covet Fashion allows the players to enhance their knowledge of Fashion and make something good.

The developer of Covet Fashion is Crowdstar, and they have done lots of amazing things in the game to be entertained. Learn and enhance the best style of Fashion and show it to the world.

Explore Gameplay

It’s an easy game, but still, there is a lot to learn in it. There are so many players and designers play the game because it is really that kind of game that can teach you a lot about Fashion.

In the game, the user can know about lots of new kinds of Fashion, and the game also updates itself if something new about Fashion comes out.

Purchase amazing dresses from the online stores and show them in the fashion shows every week.

Latest Features

Vote for the best fashion dresses

Every week in the game fashion competition happens, and in the competition, you can vote for the best fashion character.

Also, show your talent and choice of Fashion that other players love and vote. It helps a lot in the popularity and experience rewards, which are quite important in-game.

Even if you vote for someone deserving, then it will help you to get great rewards and points.

Fly through countries and participate in the shows

The Fashion world is so big and to be popular there are many amazing destinations that introduce programs in various places.

So fly through airplane attends the shows to learn more about fashion things which is hard to get.

Shop the best fashion dresses and add them in your collection

As you can understand, it by its title, and yes, it is really a great thing of the game to purchase the dresses and add them in your collection.

There are thousands of collections of dresses available n game and every dress unique and branded. Many of the popular brands sponsored the game, and they have also game many amazing dresses to try.

Purchase great accessories to make your avatar look beautiful & attractive

Accessories are the major part of the body, and in the Fashion shows, many players use it to look amazing.

There are thousands of accessories that are also available, purchase them, and look beautiful in every show. Take help from a legit covet fashion cheats to earn free diamonds and spend them buying your favorite accessories.

Be a Fashion Star

If you believe that you have a great sense of Fashion, then show it in the game and gat amazing responses from other players in the fashion show week.

Every week an event happens in the game, which is a stylish spree that allows the players to show their chosen dresses.

In the show, other players can rate your dress if they like your choice and combination of dresses.

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